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TESTIMONIALS: Constantin Alexandru

For more than 25 years I have worked in fields that have a great deal of knowledge of the human being, physiologically and functionally speaking, but especially from the psychological point of view, in normal conditions but in critical situations as well. During the last few years, I managed to organize the knowledge I accumulated through the years and understand the extremely complex range of energies generated by the human body. What’s more important is that I succeeded to understand, maybe not totally, the interaction of the energies generated by the human body with the energies that exist in the Universe. I understood the ability of the human body to produce energies modulated with complex and accurate information about the physical state and the functioning of live organisms, including the human one, from the cell as a unit to the organs that form the human body. I’m talking about info-energy, which means the subtle energy that carries all the information about a cell’s functions, the organ or the part of the organ being studied. Many scientists from the US, Russia and other countries, including Romania, have studied these problems over the years.

I’ve been and am currently working with Mr. Bologan so that we could use this knowledge to benefit the human health and wellbeing. I have shared my knowledge with him given that he has many capabilities and insight into bio-energy and hypnotherapy as well as a remarkable understanding and knowledge of the general culture and in the field of medicine. He is one of the few people who possess all these qualities. The fast accumulation of info-energy and radiesthesy experience, the capability of working with people with various physical and psychological problems, made him obtain remarkable results in treating illnesses almost impossible to be cured by traditional medicine. I’m talking about the energetic malfunctions of the body and about psychological illnesses generated by such kind of malfunctions. This type of treatment should not be use to substitute traditional medicine when it’s a matter of surgery, infectious and psychiatric diseases, and degenerative illnesses, etc.

–Constantin Alexandru, Bucharest, Romania


Constantin Alexandru
Navy Commandor (Retired)

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