Vasile Bologan
Psycho-Energy Suggestion



Specialist in correction and improvement of energy related problems of the human body (blockage, insufficiencies, malfunctions) through bio-energy, info-energy and hypnotherapy.

You can call him if you have stress related problems, headaches, insomnia, restlessness, fatigue, nightmares, depression and similar problems, whose occurrences you can’t explain and for which you couldn’t find any other cure. Mr. Bologan can solve these kinds of problems through unconventional methods, which provide results that are often spectacular. In most cases, these problems are due to the condition of your body’s energy fields that can be affected by various factors and can alter the functioning of the entire human body. In order to track down such irregularities, he uses the radiesthesic method through which he can identify specific problems and check the functioning of the body as a whole as well as each individual system, organ, even a particular group of cells. Then he interferes by using bio-energetic and info-energetic procedures, but he can only do so if the situation allows it. Mr. Bologan uses hypnosis to treat some states of the nervous system. The hypnotherapy procedures he mostly uses he learned from well-known experts such as A. Kashpyrovsky, F. Orlov, B. Ivanov and others.


My name is Vasile Bologan, I am not a doctor nor do I practice medicine. I do not give my patients a medical diagnosis or prescribe medicine. Also, I do not recommend that my patients discontinue taking their current physician prescribed medication.

I focus on helping my patients to correct their bodies' energy deficiencies and to achieve a balanced equilibrium of their energy aura's levels. I do so by removing negative and harmful energies and blockages from a human's body so that the body can have a chance to self-vindicate and correct itself. I employ hypnosis for therapeutic purposes. Through the use of hypnotherapy, I help my patients reach a state of heightened mental concentration and focused attention so that they are empowered to dispose of their own mental and physical blockages and self-help themselves to heal both their bodies and souls.

I cannot stress this point enough - I encourage all of my patients to continue to see their personal medical doctors. I also advice all my patients to follow their doctors' recommendations. My hypnotherapy sessions are in addition to any medical treatments a patient may already be undergoing. It is very important that you continue to see you medical doctors on a regular basis. I am not a doctor and my treatments should never substitute a doctor's treatment plan.




I will be in Bucharest from
September 26th through
October 19th 2019.

Please call for appointments.
Tel: 075-595-1713

For appointments in Iasi, please call Ms. Rodica: 0745-757-365




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